Change colour of car lights

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 ·

This Car tutorial will teach you how to change the colour of car lights in Photoshop. You need to use the lens flare filter and hue/saturation tools for this tutorial. I have used a free stock image of a car which is available from:

Change colour of car lights

Step 1

Open an image of car in Photoshop.
Insert a new layer Ctrl + Shift + N.

Step 2

Take the paint brush tool with an appropriate brush size and paint the areas of the car lights in a black colour like below:

Step 3

Select Filter > Render > Lens Flare and move the crosshair to the centre of one of the black areas you painted. Now change the brightness to 70 % and the lens type to 105mm Prime.

Repeat this for the other black area you painted.

Step 4

Change the layer blending option to “Screen” like below:

Step 5

Select Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation and adjust the sliders to your liking. I have selected the following settings.

Hue: 255
Saturation: 100
Lightness: -7

Remember to check the Colorize checkbox.

You should now have a different colour car lights.

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