Change car colour 3

Monday, June 1, 2009 ·

This car tutorial is will teach you how to change the colour of a car. There are two other methods of changing the car colour, but this is the quick and dirty method. I have used a free stock image which is available at:

Change car colour 3

Step 1

Open an image of a car in Photoshop.

Step 2

Insert a new layer by selecting Ctrl + Shift + N.
Select the paint bucket tool and fill in the new layer with your favourite colour. I have used #f9ff4e, but you choose whatever you wish.

Step 3

Lower the opacity of your new layer to about 70% and use to the eraser tool to erase the areas around your image. You can also use the lasso tool if you wish.

Step 4

You have probably noticed that your image doesn’t look right.
Change the opacity back to 100% and the blending option to multiply.

You should have a car with a different colour.

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