Car movement effect

Sunday, August 16, 2009 ·

In this car tutorial you will learn how to give a car a sense of movement. You will need an image of a car and a background for this tutorial. I have used free stock images which are available from: You also need knowledge of removing the background from a car image, so take a look that tutorial.

Car movement effect

Step 1

Open the background you wish to use in Photoshop like below:

Step 2

Add a slight blur to the image by selecting Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and give a 1 pixels radius and click ok. Now add a radial blur to give a sense of movement by selecting Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and add the following settings:
  • Amount = 30
  • Blur method = Zoom
  • Quality = Best

You should get the following blur image like below:

Step 3

Now open up your car image and remove the background, and then copy the image onto your blurry background like below:

Step 4

You have probably noticed the car is too big for the background. Resize the car by selecting the free transform tool (Ctrl + T) and make sure you hold down the shift key when resizing as this will maintain the aspect ratios.

Step 5

Now blend in the car with the background. Select the blur tool with an appropriate brush size and soften up the edges of the car. Now select Image > Adjustment > Brightness/Contract and adjust the brightness slider to the same brightness as the background layer.

You should now have a car movement effect.


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