Add smoke to exhaust

Saturday, June 13, 2009 ·

This car tutorial will teach you how to smoke to an exhaust. You need to use the clouds filter for this tutorial. I have used a free stock image of a car rear which is available at:

Add smoke to exhaust

Step 1

Open an image of a car with an exhaust in Photoshop.
Insert a new layer by selecting Ctrl + Shift + N.

Step 2

Reset the colour palette by pressing the “D” key.
Select Filter > Render > Clouds and your image will look like below:

Step 3

Select Layer > Layer styles > Blending options and adjust the “blend if” option at the bottom of the pop-up window. You need to hold down the Alt key then click the slider and drag it to right. I have stopped the slider at 80, but you will need to experiment with your image. You only need to adjust the “This layer” slider.

Step 4

Add a layer mask by selecting Layer > Layer mask > Reveal All.
Select paint brush tool with an appropriate brush size and paint over the areas of the images to remove any smoke.
If you make a mistake you can use flip over the colour palette by pressing the “X” key then painting over the areas to restore the smoke.

You should now have smoke in the exhaust.

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