Car window tint

Saturday, November 14, 2009 ·

In this tutorial you will learn how to tint the windows of a car in Photoshop. Tinting will give the windows a different colour appearance that can be light or dark. For this tutorial I will be give the windows a black tint, but you could use any colour you wish. To create the tint effect you will need to use the pen tool. It is also possible to use the quick mask tool, but I think the pen tool is more accurate because you can create curves in any direction. You can find a list of places for car image here.

Car window tint

Step 1

Open an image of a car in Photoshop and insert a new layer by selecting Ctrl + Shift + N on the keyboard.

Step 2

Select the Pen tool with the paths options turn on. The paths option is the second icon.

Step 3

Make selection around the car windows as shown below. If you make a mistake you can hit the ‘Delete’ key to remove an anchor point.

Step 4

Now right click on your image and select ‘Fill Path’ from the drop down menu, and change the colour to black and click ok. You should now have a black fill inside your selection.

Step 5

From the layers panel, change the opacity of your black layer to suit your liking. You can have the opacity as dark or light as you wish. I have set my opacity to 45%. Once, you are happy with your opacity hit Ctrl + H to remove the path. If you have another window, simply repeat the steps above, but remember to insert a new layer.

You should have a car window tint. Why not take a look at some of my other tutorials?


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